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The secrets of solid shampoos

Published on 25/05/2021

The secrets of solid shampoos

Plastic pollution, whether in the oceans or on land, has unfortunately been in the headlines for a few years. Indeed, not all the plastics produced are fully recycled and other parts full of microparticles pass through the nets of used water treatment systems. This pollution accumulates and greatly harms ecosystems as well as living organisms. For example, if a shampoo bottle is left in the wild, it will take 500 years to degrade.

But don't panic, today there are solutions to avoid throwing away hundreds or even thousands of plastic shampoo bottles in a lifetime. There are two preferred solutions (no, stopping washing your hair is not one of them ????): fill your containers with liquid shampoo in a zero-waste store or buy shampoo bars. One shampoo bar can do about 40 washes, or the equivalent of a 500ml bottle.

Let's see how our bar shampoos are made. They are made from six main ingredient categories: surfactants, vegetable and mineral powders, vegetable oils and butter, aqueous extracts, essential oils or fragrances and cosmetic actives. Let's take a closer look at these categories of ingredients.


These are responsible for the foaming and cleansing action of the shampoo. We use SCI or Sodium Coco Isethionate powder to make ours. It is soft, non-irritable and biodegradable.

Vegetable or mineral powders

The combinations of powder that can be added to our shampoos are almost endless. The choice will depend on the properties you want to give to the shampoos. For example, red clay and bentonite absorb excess sebum and purify the scalp, while oats improve hair volume and restore shine. These powders have been specially chosen to make our shampoo bar cypress and clay very useful for oily and dull hair.

Vegetable oils and butters

Oils and butter are used to give shine and to nourish the hair. Jojoba oil is used in our shampoo for oily hair because it hydrates without leaving a greasy film and regulates sebum secretions. For dry hair, we have favored shea butter which is very hydrating and revitalizing for damaged hair as well as castor oil which will deeply nourish the hair. Our shea and calendula shampoo bar is also supplemented with calendula macerate which soothes irritation and helps tissue regeneration.

Aqueous extracts

The aqueous extracts are infusions or even hydrolates which will be used to dissolve the surfactants and to add some properties in the process. In our nettle and hemp oil bar shampoo we use an aqueous extract of nettle for its fortifying properties on the scalp.

Essential oils

Essential oils are used to make products smell pleasant, but unlike fragrances, they have medicinal properties. Black spruce and rosemary for example have anti-dandruff properties, a plus in our shampoo for normal hair! While in our shampoo for oily hair, we used essential oil from evergreen cypress for its oil-regulating property.

Cosmetic active ingredients

Cosmetic active ingredients are added to all our hair care products to add that little extra that makes a big difference in the quality of our products. All our shampoos and conditioners have added panthenol and vegetable squalane which will add a protective layer to the hair and provide a sheathing effect on the hair fiber. This protects them from external aggressions and facilitates their styling.

In short, in addition to helping the planet one step at a time, your hair will be naturally clean and soft. Using the solid shampoo is simple, just run the bar through damp hair to apply some shampoo. Then, it is necessary to make foam with the fingers while massing the scalp. Finally, rinse thoroughly and apply one of our conditioner bars as needed.

A zero-waste product, practical, economical and responsible!