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My beautiful firtree King of forests

Published on 24/12/2020

The tree receives all its letters of nobility when the holiday season arrives. Decorated for centuries to celebrate the return of the sun during the winter solstice, it has pride of place in many homes in Quebec. But did you know that in addition to brightening your hearts, the natural fir purifies, cleanses and aromatizes your ambient air.

Indeed, balsam fir has long been recognized for these antiseptic properties. It has been used for a long time in traditional Aboriginal medicine to treat various respiratory and skin conditions, among other things. More recently, researchers at UQAC have proven these effects in the laboratory. Their tests showed that its resin, extracted from the vesicles of the tree, has antibacterial properties on certain bacteria.

At Essence Boréale, we use balsam fir in many of our products, such as foaming bath salt, bar soap and hand soap, or even in room mist. It is used for its antiseptic qualities, but also for its refreshing, fruity and resinous smell.

How do you distinguish this tree in the middle of a tiller of conifers? It is one of the few trees to have 15 to 30 millimeter flat needles. It therefore does not sting when you shake its hand, unlike spruce trees.

Have a nice holiday season and try not to pass up a Christmas tree!